Planning and reporting

Bringing it all together

Standardising planning, tracking and analysis

Traqplan is a project and portfolio management framework which integrates with Microsoft Project, automates the complex parts and provides sophisticated visuals to manage your activities
Professional Standards

Professional StandardsHigh quality reporting

Traqplan guides users of all skills towards a professional standard of planning integrated with Microsoft Project

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Reduce Reporting CostsManual reporting vastly reduced

Traqplan automates the time consuming parts of planning, connecting the right people to the plans & automatically providing timely information to those who need it most.

Faster reporting cycle time.

Faster Cycle TimesEnables rapid reporting cycles

With reduced turnaround times on planning and reporting, reviews can have more current information and teams can support more frequent review cycles

DATA confidentiality, integrity and availability ASSURED

Your data security is our single highest priority

Fully Encrytped Service

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest

Secure data storage

Your data can be stored locally within national boundaries

Certified on the National Cyber Security Centre "Cyber Essentials" Scheme

Nix Maxwell

Fully supported with on-call technical support and on-premise project planning guidance and training


All our features are implemented using modern technology to give the user 'desktop' response times
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Create Timelines

Create simple timelines in seconds

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Portfolio Plan on a Page

See your entire portfolio on a single page

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Import from Project Plans

Integrates with Microsoft Project

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Track Changes

Visually show schedule variations from any point in time

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Simple User Interface

Easy to use for everyone

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Dependency Mapping

Track dependencies between projects

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An enabler of benefit across any sector including public sector, aerospace, oil and gas, construction, pharmaceutical and energy

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